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KOK-PLAY (디지털 콘텐츠 플랫폼)
– Korean

KOK-PLAY (Digital Content Platform)
– English

KOK-PLAY (デジタルコンテンツプラットフォーム)
– Japanese

KOK-PLAY (数字内容平台)
– Chinese


Digital Content Platform


KOK Project

KOK PROJECT is a next-generation digital content platform that combines AI and blockchain, the core of Industry 4.0 We aim to solve the issues of the digital content market and drive the growth of the industry through blockchain technology.


The digital content market is about USD 1 billion and is showing a steady annual growth of 10%. This is an emerging market that is growing more than ever. In particular, with the advancement of AI and big data technology and reduction of working hours, this growth is expected to accelerate further due to the increase in leisure time.


As global content platforms such as Google, Apple, and Netflix dominate content distribution, problems such as content uniformity, content quality deterioration due to high fees, and inequality of opportunities are occurring. In addition, the lack of a standardized payment system that fits all countries and problem of owning digital content are preventing competent content providers from entering the market, creating a major barrier to market expansion.


Fair and decentralized governance of KOK

he highest level of transaction processing speed through AI-based machine learning

Digital content assetization, NFT for fair distribution

Developer toolkit optimized for digital content production and distribution-KDDK


The goal is to build a decentralized digital content platform that is fair and shareable and creators can do many things by utilizing blockchain technology.


KOK Mainnet is a 4th generation mainnet developed to provide optimized functions for digital content production and distribution.

Feature of MainNet

While inheriting the speedy advantages of the existing DPOS method, it solves centralization problems such as unity between BPs, thereby presenting the answer to the trillema of the blockchain.

Decentralized AI

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, refers to a computer system that can learn and think like a human. Artificial intelligence is widely introduced in KOK. Decentralized artificial intelligence is utilized in two main areas.

First, it is used in the process of reaching consensus among BPs (block producers), and second, it is applied to curate content and load balance within the ecosystem of their DApps. Comprehensively, computer programs can be used to imitate all intelligent behaviors such as human learning ability, reasoning ability, perceptual ability, and understanding of natural language.


The consensus algorithm comprehensively applied to KOK is PPBFT (Parallel Practical Byzantine Fault-Tolerance).

When the distributed system is an asynchronous system in which Byzantine nodes that do not perform the promised actions can exist, it has been developed so that all nodes participating in the distributed system can successfully reach consensus. Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) solves the problem of the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm being applicable to only synchronous networks, allowing consensus to be achieved in an asynchronous network with Byzantine nodes. Through such asynchronous network consensus, it is possible to quickly process from transaction verification to block creation within seconds.
80% faster than the existing 3G mainnet; This will show improved transaction processing speed.


KOK DApp Development Tool Kit (KDDK) is prepared to develop DApps based on KOK. KDDK provides all the tools and environments you need to develop, test, and run KOK DApps.

DApps developed through this can develop digital products such as game items in the form of non-replaceable tokens (NFTs). The development of such a non-replaceable token requires a lot of metadata information such as the category, regional characteristics, and sales form of the token. The aggregated information is stored in a standardized format, and through KDDK based on this, DApps are linked so that they can easily utilize the NFT format.


KOK tokens are largely divided into KOK tokens and KOK NFTs, and are used for payment of digital contents, possession, distribution, and rewards as the key currency of the ecosystem.

Basic Information

Total to be issued: 5 billion

Market Performance

Mint Policy

The issuance and distribution of KOK tokens is determined by the token's original value, transaction value, circulation volume, consumption volume, etc. according to Choe's ecology formula, and is designed to finally converge and maintain a certain number. In other words, we maintain the optimized circulation according to the supply and demand of the token so that the original value of the token can continuously increase.

In addition, as it has contributed to the expansion of the ecosystem, rather than a simple hash power fight, it is designed as a virtuous cycle structure that enables continuous expansion and development of the ecosystem by allowing more rewards through mining.

KOK NFT Protocol

We provide NFT smart contracts and related libraries optimized for digital content. Through the KOK NFT protocol, it is possible to trade and own various contents such as games (items), music, and videos.

Through this, it is possible not only to secure content production costs through crowdfunding, but also to give value to and receive recognition for a series of actions from production to consumption such as fair distribution to numerous participants in the production pipeline, and content transactions. KOK NFT runs on the 4th generation KOK mainnet, providing lower fees, faster speeds, and SDK (KDDK) optimized for digital content.


NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a technology developed for proof of ownership and transactions of digital assets, and KOK NFT provides functions and libraries specialized for digital content.

Mint Policy

DApp developers can issue NFTs of corresponding value by staking KOK. This maintains the value of issuing NFTs and activates the ecosystem.

NFT Feature

Low commission, fast transaction speed, and high technical stability using KOK CHAIN

Easy issuance and management through KDDK

Provides various APIs and libraries required for game development

DEX exchange for NFT

Application Field


  • Item issuance and transaction
  • Project funding


  • Copyright transaction
  • Project funding

Movies and dramas

  • Copyright transaction
  • Project funding
  • Proof of stake in production


Enjoy webtoons, movies, games, and even original TV content on KOK with ease and convenience!


Games of all genres may be enjoyed through innovative blockchain technology!


Befitting the “untact” period, access blockbuster movies updated every week from the palm of your hand!


Enjoy interesting stories that are released every day from education, home training to popular entertainment!


The power of K-content! KOK webtoons that will change the comic book market and further expand the base of the digital content market!


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KOK-PLAY – Digital Content Platform

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